Saturday, June 18, 2011

Meghindo's Gift

Meghindo Romano celebrated her real life Birthday as a treat she gave her group members  Meghindo's touch of  sensuality, a wonderful gift. Once you rez the item its a lovely gift box. Then u get to rez another item which becomes a vanity dresser has little trinkets to touch to receive the gifts. Includes skins four tones,shapes three different heights ,waterline, lashes, eyes, essentials and body oil. I was so impress at what she has done only with the vanity never seen anything like it. Meghindo is in a class of her own when she creates her magic. She give out such wonderful gifts and sell even better items. There is a fee to join her group but her items are well worth the small fee to join. If you want quality stuff and really have little bit of Lindens its worth 250L' you always get a nice item monthly from her that is worth more. Her  birthday gift will only be available for the 2 weeks in the group notices. Once it is gone..its gone.

{Meghindo's} Cigar ~ on sale for 500L's comes with shoes not shown
          Hair from Boon
Skins,eyes and tattoo lashes from medhindo's shape not worn but there are modifiable which is a plus go look and see her 7 floors of items you will find something you will love .