Thursday, July 7, 2011

AFK Scenes/Group Gifts/Sale

*:Lo*momo Group Gifts:
Hair only in Pink and Airy Top
AFK Scene:
Sweet Baby Cloud just wear .Its a group gift

Embody Pose F Portrait has one for men.. theirs a few other gifts there also group gifts.

 Sleeping beauty can't get in.. has three poses and one lay down works with two people for her to lay in coffin
Prop  Props -N- Poses (PNP) ~ Glass Coffin 10L's in freebies/Discount section

Dress :: PurpleMoon :: Annie Anniversary Gown took me forever to find #9 on the hunt list. I asked for help thanks to her I found it after three day of looking :)
SpellBounds Sale 
SpellBound is a boutique  - as such, items are routinely removed never to be seen again.
All items on sale July 1 - July 9 and will be removed so this is your last chance. AFK scene at Spell Bound their are others for the same price
SpellBound Aphrodite Dress - Sapphire 100L's
There is also four free eyes as you come into the store area.