Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bird of a Feather

[LeLutka]-Breeze ensemble Gift was sent from subscribe
Comes with eight tones of hair colors wearing coolMine. Bikini set with Sarong and bows..Sonronge and bows not worn. Click to Subscribe when menu drop choose 1-Jul26.11 its been way too long since..and you will get item

75L's skin group gift
*elymode* makeup - sharp eyeliner past gift
Garage *Eyelashes v.23* got mines at the store closing sale..but its on marketplace for 50L's

Glossy Wine Storm 85L's HUDSON Clothing Co. 

OMG Feather earrings and necklace
past sale now its 149L's 

Tree of dreams on Midnight Mania board
Landscaped Border 1- past gift from Mini Mania @ Two Moon Gardens

..::DARE::.. "Subtlety At Last" Dare has a sale all poses are 1L each fat packs are 10L's,bought the pack for 10L's 12 poses in a pack.