Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Arwen's Creation Group Gift/ Free Skins

Arwen Creation's is an impeccable line.. Arwen Serpente works REALLY  hard on her gowns. The details are flawless you can wear her gowns in many different ways and always look elegant. To receive her group gifts join  !**Arwen's Creations**! there is a fee of 50L's only at gift times any other time it's free Group Joiner: Click here to join: secondlife:///app/group/d34914b8-6015-14a5-97fe-f1298f3aabb8/about Her items are less then 600L's. Go have a glance at her mainstore you will fall in love with all her creations.
Group Gift:
Arwen's Creations Roleplay Starter Gown Group Gift in group notices only.

Check out a video of some of her Gowns also :)

Damselfly Morrisania in black pearl new release 200L's

DS Subscriber Gift three skin each in Bikini, Full and Natural..that's a total of 24 skins three each in different skin tones.Wearing DS Vanya in Whiskey Full