Monday, August 15, 2011

Group Gift/Free Skin

Yasum *cute fire*( join group free)

Moa*Hairbase*Ice LuckyBoard (no group needed) comes complete (with shape another skin without hairbase and eyes didn't use)  used Aleida whippy hairbase I love it make you look like you have baby hairs around your hairline her store has closed down
Sorry Asia lashes 50L's and free eyes from Skinthesis Fathoms- Gravel went back to her store she didn't have them any more. :( Don't know why her eyes are very good looking.

Flower in hair comes from Fantasia Wanalela Mixed lei set 25L's Tuesday deals not shown was a flower neclace cover up your top and bottom really cute if it was resizable for me to fit in. It is mod so one day I'll make it fit me.

At Yasmin Lucky Boards there is seven boards three with different skins in each two with outfits for men and women and two with boots think one boot is for men There is other group freebies upstairs using the teleporter in the center hope the arrows will show you the way in my slurl but everything is easy to find :)