Friday, October 28, 2011

He Got A Spell On Me

Yes my little new found friend. Isn't he just too cute, you can rename him/her anything you like. It's a free group gift from Karma heres the link secondlife:///app/group/a12ce518-1e28-3953-bbec-4068bdebb344/about
Amacci Skin - Jenny (Nutmeg) - Pumpkin Group Gift check in notices or subscriber secondlife:///app/group/bec55ce1-7c49-4fe0-fa14-38ae580c15d9/about

Cheap Makeup- Cheekbone Contouring New item 50L's

Earrings: obsession from EMO-tion 99 L sale
FATALE/black from EMO-tion 99L' sale

My new found Friend from Karma group notices Voodoo Doll come a set of three.. too cute group is free to join secondlife:///app/group/a12ce518-1e28-3953-bbec-4068bdebb344/about