Saturday, June 9, 2012

Simply the best

{.essences.} Rowena
{.essences.} Rowena @ CHIC2
Each skin cost 800 L's each the eyeshadow 150L's, lipstick 150L's, and the shape is 650L's  the fat pack which includes all tone that 6 skins, breast enhancers, modify shape and makeup for 2500 L's is a great deal for this lovely set it comes with so much makeup that suits each tone very well. I wore her skin natural to show you her beauty even worn a different shape so you can see how well she goes with other shapes she is flawless.

*~*Damselfly*~*Jamilla/Black Pearl
with hairbase  purchase when they had a sale

ThE LoNdOn LoOk Piercings & Jewelry
Linked - Pelvis chain

TinK - Sinora Flower custom made tattoo by  TinK Tattoos

..:::SCRUB:::...Paz New subscriber Gift
 ::CHoOoZ:: "Allegra" wearing  Blackberry each shoe cost 175L's now that's a good deal for mesh shoe boots get all color fat pack at 1745L' what a deal.. can't wait to see what Violet will come out with next she just amazing and the cost of her products fits everyone's budget.
She also has a pair in her subscriber dark red which isn't being sold in-store.. Free as a gift

Dark Mouse Anzac Jewelery set.. Purchase when she had a sale

HV - Ducknipple Hunt past gift

IKON Utopia Eyes - Deep Sepia 150L's comes in five different sizes.. just love their eyes

Filthy Group Gift Shape Cost 199L's to join 

Munique. Bad Tattoo / You'll die.. come with other tattoo's with sayings on them   Group Gift free to join