Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Good Whitch

Gothic / Halloween Treat items for 99L$.
This Event will take place at fairly new sim call Illustrique Square. Few Great Designers have stores set up there. Like Bubblez Designs which I'm wearing Rei Halloween Dress is 99 L during the duration of the event after that this item will no longer be sold. Come on down.. November 1st and get a great deal for this dress, and other Gothic / Halloween theme items from other creators.

*JeSyLiLO* Group Gift Skin cost to join only 50L' and you get a gift every month as a Thank You for joining and being a great customer.

IKON Kaleido Eyes - Day- Past gift now for sell 150L he does have other color type of this eye creations, comes in three different sizes to suit any eye shape.  

*Battle Angel* Mabel Black Heaven at the time i bought this it was 69L's now its 200L' for the color pack. When new Items are made she always sale one color pack for a lower price. Limited time, not sure if she still does that now. I haven't seen any new items made by her as of yet.

Prop & Pose 
Eternal Dream Poses & Animations
Rainbow and pose Past Hunt Gift