Tuesday, December 11, 2012

JeSyLiLO @ Frost Fair

The Depraved Nation F R O S T Event @ the Frost sim opens its doors to the public, December 12th, 2012.
Hundreds of exclusive items at unbelievable prices await you in the beautifully snowy landscape

This skin comes with eyeliner but I added more from another skin she sells Sofi eyeliner Black 300L's only at Frost Fair << landmark will be good on the 12th when event starts.

Other Items worn/ Used
Unorthodox Braided Unorthodox Braided 350 L's
[ glow ] studio Lashes Italia (adoration)negaposi Silent eyes - GRAVE 30 L'
BELISSIMA Chandra shape past 30 L item this sale sells shape is for 30 L but they are no mod/copy,yes transferable shapes
!gO! Cotton sweater, past group gift on sale for 1L now
Slink Women's Medium Height Bare feet

BoatHouse Old Side Table and Accessories 70 L Sale on a few of her items, it has a few more not shown. I added  { apple fall } Ralph's Boat, Rope Suspended Gallery,  New York Print No.2 and Soft Yarn Rug (Stripes) that can be found for sale @ The Men's Dept.

{.:exposeur:.} Advent Gifts from day 7 and 8th gifts. She has been leaving three gifts out so you will catch past gifts from the previous days