Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Getting Cozy

BoatHouse Outdoor Sofa comes with animations not used in photo
BoatHouse Ceramic Tree with Ornaments
BoatHouse Crate Table & BoatHouse China Tea Set
BoatHouse Basset Hound
BoatHouse Items were past Christmas advent gifts
The Whiz rug - by PRIME <<think it was a past hunt gift
**forest feast ** Magnolia 2 Tree (changeable season textures)
Alouete - Canvas Canopy Deck (Mesh)
[:Mirror's Enigma:] Gula Native Skintone (Natural E2) 99L @ Structure Your Skin Project
only for this month cycle. Mirror's Enigma also has another skin tone & shape for 99L at event 
Photo here to preview click here
-Sorry.Asia- Lashes (Store Closed) 
[:Mirror's Enigma:] Jen Blouson Dress (in Light) come with hud to change color on dress top. Four top colors to change, 175L for color fat pack
 +:+WTG+:+ **The Ice Princess** Necklace 320L, nails 420L & ear-pierce 200L << (earrings) 
::Exile:: A Winter's Tale:Midnight 259L each color pack
[Diktator ]- ENVY 950L
(Red)sand_winter 2012  gift skin Free on Marketplace
::Fe Style:: Black glasses (Mesh) Thugs Studs & Gentlemen Hunt
Hint:  I like the Demo!
::Fe Style:: Facial Hair - 3ED - 6 @ fi*Friday 55L
IKON Horizon Eyes v2 - Pale Glass 150L
:Hermony:. / Oversize Beanie / Black 149L on Marketplace
AMERICAN BAZAAR Josh Sweater (Mesh) Thugs Studs & Gentlemen Hunt
Hint: Jimmy Hendrix
Latreia- Ken boots Thugs Studs & Gentlemen Hunt
Hint:  This country is known for the eiffel tower and its toast and fries
:Wicked Tattoos: Rise Above Tattoo - Dark Ink past Midnight mania Board gift
Sin Original casual comfort jeans part of hunt gift outfit (Mesh)Thugs Studs & Gentlemen Hunt
Hint: Monkey looks good in Dresden