Saturday, February 9, 2013

Garden Fun

.:DEW:.  New Group gift Free to join + past gifts and lucky board instore
Mag<3B *June nightout
Mag<3B *June *girly
Mag<3B *June *love colours
Mag<3B *June *barbie
Mag<3B *June *happy hour
these skins comes with 2 skins a piece for 250 L. My photo shows a few of her lovely skin.
Two different style makeup and w/wo cleavage so really there is four skins in each pack.

Mag<3B*June eyes 120 L for seven set eye pack
Eaters Coma Group Gift hair in black gift comes in a Fatpack of hair (Mesh) 
[Fairy Tail] Gift 2011 Hair Accessories
[Bamboo] Nails - Darkside 150 L

N-core LULU 595 L 
elephante poses Poker Face 149 L six poses and face mask. Mask not used in photo and use two poses one pic sitting on the carousel @ World's End Garden comes with animation