Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sassy! @ The 100 Block // A Depraved Nation Fair, District

The 100 Block Fair  (May 10 - May 31)
Jacket 98 L and Skirt  70 L You can mix and match more colors to choose from
Sassy! @ The 100 Block Fair  
-Glam Affair - Layla Dark - Soft petal Past TDR item. Instore she has others makeup skin tones for 499L
The skin came with the teal makeup but I added **NOYA*=vip gift= Mothersday Exotic makeup
peach silver lips part of the makeup she sent out. Free gift to her past and current members who purchase a item on her marketplace. She sends out gifts almost monthly.
**RE** LUX Celeste - Jewelry set * Free Gift On Marketplace   
"R"fashion Pastel Rose ring 1L Gift on Marketplace
 - Nemezi - Aztec Nails #8 (Mesh) creator BunniiLove not know why she not selling them anymore cause they are cute
*BOOM* Minimalist Glasses (Silver) past collarbor 88 item
*ANNA SHAPES* - Marina shape past Designer Circle item. I didn't see it instore for sell
booN NYN116 hair black 280L  and gathered raised hair base 100L for fatpack 
This post is for Sassy! Sexy tweed outfit. I fell in love with it so cute and fits really good. All the other items worn may not be found and I'm sorry, I could have just used other items that are currently for sell but everything just matched :)