Monday, May 27, 2013

Toxic Alchemy 3rd Anniversary Event Party

Celebrating the 3rd anniversary of their club and for the special event they have decided to create a RAFFLE that is sponsorized by Drd (Death Row Design), Corvus, Razorblade Jacket, Toxic Alchemy Designs & Evil Metal.

Raffle is gonna be open from Monday 27th May 2013 to Friday 31th May 2013 and can be joined only if you are one of the members of our group (Toxic Alchemy) [free to join of course].
The final extraction of the lucky 5 winners is gonna be Friday 31th May at 5.30pm slt 

The prizes are:
► One customized for this event only (so limited edition UNIQUE!) Corvus Outfit
► Drd 2000 L Giftcard
► Drd 1000 L Giftcard + Razorblade Jacket 1000 L Giftcard
► One special outfit from Toxic Alchemy Designs
► One special outfit from Evil Metal 

On 31th of May they are gonna have 6 hours party with 6 different DJ's and 3 different contests
►Best in demos
►Dress to impress
►Best in steampunk

Prepare your best of gowns and make it on the 31st May. Lots of great music, Free Gifts & Contests & Raffle.

Toxic Alchemy celebrating it's 3rd Anniversay.
Founded in May 2010.
Toxic Alchemy Group Joiner