Friday, July 6, 2012

Camp Time

Hair "LoQ Hair" Marsmallow - Sand Blonde @ NYC with hair base for 10L's Used a resizer scripted to make my pony tail bigger

Izzie's - Feather Earring amber NYC FreeGift

[Hush] Emily Group Gift
Shape Panda Punk Shape Past Group Gift

BBH2 Hunt gift @ Razorblade Jacket
Ribbed 3 star loose Tank/ Rose Past hunt Gift

DSL hunt Gift @ Razorblade Jacket
Jaw Breaker Mesh Shorts

Steel Necklace MHOH7 Hint gift @ K!NG This gift is for men so I used a resizer scripted to size it down

ANGELINA Eyes Group gift @ Mulholland 

N-Core Feet cost 495L's

Props and poses 
BoatHouse Group Gift for Fathers Day past gift from notices. Cost to join group
Pose .:Still Life: All the way down FREE on marketplace