Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Never Say Never.. One Voice

So far One Voice raised more than $7.500 USD (yes, dollars not Lidens!) and they are in the second day of the event !
SL community – together we can make it !

 More Info on why this event has taken place

{.essences.} Moana Medium @ One Voice Fund raiser 50% of the proceeds from sale goes to Gala Phoenix legal cost

Action Womens Hair Sandra in color  Bleached Group gift comes with a few other colors FEE to join

DCNY opening gift @ Liberty Sim  Tiny Tank Dress Just the shirt part is worn 

{.essences.} PST! cut off studded shorts in Sepia color
195L' each color 

IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Bleached Blue recent gift only out for the weekend every first weekend of each month. Cost for eyes now 150L's each eye color Fat pack 599L' 

Style .:X:. Necklace ::LoVe::

 N-core ELOISE 495L' @ One Voice 4 models of shoes there.100% of the proceeds from sales will go to Gala Phoenix's legal costs.