Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bubblez Design - Kamo Outfit (RMK Frost Fair Exclusive)

Bubblez Design - Kamo Outfit @ RMK Frost Fair Exclusive

From December 1st  through December 31st, 2012

Kamo comes with fur stole, vest,hand warmers ,ugg boots ,skirt and black non mesh pants. Of course items that are mesh comes in five different sizes ranging from XS to XL five alpha layers to wear full outfit or just one piece at a time that needs to hide out body. the skirts detailing has lace around the waist and the fur stole is resizable, cuties to it yet the animal is holding a cute bow in it's mouth. Glad it does might be nawing at my hair giggles.

"LoQ Hair" Zima - Cherry Red @ Two last collections - TDR & TDR Blue.
Visit both shops before they will close them. December 7th, 2012 = FUSION OPENING

Al Vulo- Eleonor skin Free to join group gift

*Bliss Couture* 2011 Holiday Hunt (Doll Lashes)

Madrid Solo- Raven's Flight- Full Set.. purchase the package and it has makeup for just eyes or lips  

Jasmine Shape one of  FILTHY past gift shapes Closing Sale is going on + she sent out a bundle of her past gifts for male and women skins/ shapes. Only to current members of the group. Group is closed to new members.

{Meghindo's} ~ Skintone Corector ~ Warm Tone part of a gift sent out to members. Cost to join group. The skin didnt need it but I just wanted to try it on a lighter tone to see if it really works.

■■■ RMK Gothic "Frost Fair2012 ■■■
25 stores maybe more by now will participate in this Event
You can buy many new and limited products
Happy Shopping♡