Saturday, December 1, 2012

Winter Fair Skin & HFC Hunt

From  December 1st - 15th this skin and other items are for Sale only at the fair 
*JeSyLiLO* Exclusive Winter Fair Skin 1. Light skin tone only at Fair for 400 L's
*JeSyLiLO* Soft eyes Brown

+BABEL+GoodMorning Hair 1 L Marketplace gift

I ALEIDA I Wippy hairbase - noir past gift Store closed

.:Glamorize:. Glasses - Steel 3 L

Pink acid exotic top eyelashes 50 L on Marketplace


*Tentacio* Green Scarf gift

=Libertine= Billie  Jeans Skinny Black

:Zombie Suicide: Aces wild belted tee Black.. Giving you location to Temp Store landmark. If it isn't correct use her profile pick to find store cause she doing work to her main location. Isis Zamin is creator name

+:+WTG+:+ **C flat** November Group Gifts 2012 (unisex)
Cost to join gift bracelets and collar

::LEO-NT:: Bloody skull belt Old hunt gift
::LEO-NT:: V.I.P. Gift *Winter Bag Past gift

K-CODE ERIKA Gloves with net also come with out net for 170 L'

:: Purple Moon :: Ireth Earring -White Marble it's a set comes with head piece not worn. Located in accessories

Death row Designs Bound cuffed red boots Midnight Maina Board Gift


New Hunt Started
Home For Christmas Hunt 1 L for each hunt gift. All Decor is from the hunt
::WetCat:: "Winter Day" Bed
*Ya's* Curtain with Sparkling Lights #7 & 2 Copy+Mod
LUXus Christmas chair
Wings of Enchantment Ochun Christmas Ottoman with sits
Aphrodite Megastore Christmas breakfast for two
Stonewood Interiors Snowman wreath, Christmas music box and Snowman rug
Soho Corner Christmas Drum - Deco Version 1
Impertinences Mouse story - Time sharing
ZAP-In Trees in white with star 1,2, & 3 style trees 
-Soul Effects- Silver Berry Tree & Pink 2 Twinkling Tree

Not apart of hunt
Bottle House--Free Home on Marketplace