Saturday, February 16, 2013

All in Good Spirits

On Sinora
booN MDR138 hair black 280 .
.::Mother Goose's::. Sarang-1L Past dollarabie this skin has black lipstick on added. [CS Shapes] Stained Lips Hibiscus Gloss to make lipcolor with dark lip line 1 L on Marketplace.
There is a skin at mother goose called Sarang type A&B for 800L each, light color makeup on
Klepsydra Karen Shape worn No modify Version cost 199 L For modify version 399 L on Marketplace .
Bloody Mess - Sophisticated Long Black Cigarette Holder With Optional Piercing 50 L on Marketplace.
Finesmith Love Angel jewelry set Subscriber Gift.
~Sassy!~ Date Night - Teal 195 L.
Bubblez Design Bubblez Fur Vest 245 L part of vest worn (jacket part) Preview for full fur vest can be seen HERE.
House Of Fox. [AnjaFurShoulders] Free Gift.
.::Kre-ations:: Red and Green Katana Combo 5 L on Marketplace
::: unBorN :::. Die - Extra Long Claws ( Black ) 90 L Don't come with nail glove added my owns 
[Gos] Barefoot - Flat 595 L - also added FREE! Geta Shoes - Traditional Japanese Footwear free on Marketplace to make the clogs I'm wearing modify to match the dress.

On Violet
BC322 Hair Group gift free to join
*LpD* Skins- *Art* Skin White. 1L
 *LpD* - *The Japanese Doll* MakeUp Free
~Sassy!~ Mandarin v2 mini-dress Group Gift
::K:: Swing Coat Happy Valentine Coat. 1L
::CHoOoZ:: Maven mesh boots in Fuchsia. 399L.
Olive is this months group gift.
:.Envious.: Sweetie Leggings
Part of the Valentine's group gift.