Wednesday, February 13, 2013

World's End Garden New Items

I'm Please to inform you about World's End Garden new gacha hair accessory and new dresses thats on sell.
:::WEG::: Primavera Hair accessory for gacha These head accessory are different in styles and colors and a rare one is up for grabs 40 L per try and are trans. Here are just a few colors and styles, she made them modifiable to fit any avi's head and if you don't know how to mod items throw a resizer into it by edit and go into content tab and put the scripted in there. I didn't have no problems fitting to my head but wanted to share this info about resizing cause everyone head is shape/sized different :) 
Note you can do this to any items if it's modifiable 

:::WEG::: Primavera  Dress Comes in White lily, Rose mist, and Alice blue for 200 L each the light details are so delicate looking and pleasing to the eye. This is one truly lovely gown
Shape worn is part of this skin set that is on sale for 75 L for Lazy Sunday A // Hope ~ 5 // Valentine Vixen from Aeva/ Heartsick still have a few more day before skin/shape is back to normal price, comes in five skin tone to choose from.
Skin: ::mar::CS. ~ KIM .Group Gift. Free to join
-Sorry.Asia- Lashes -3- Store closed
IKON Eternal Eyes - Pewter 150 L

>TRUTH< Hollana Hair in black tones crow 88 L each color pack @ Collabor88 for the duration of this month event